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- Our Story -

It all began with one man and a dream.


Libretti's Restaurant and Danny Lazzara...two names that  have become harmoniuos in Northern New Jersey.  Danny Lazzara has taken Libretti's Restaurant to new heights, while maintaining the charm and elegance that has made this restaurant successful for over 60 years. He has been the owner of  Libretti's for 18years, and continues to uphold the traditional family-style atmosphere. The food is guaranteed to bring you back to a time from your grandmother's kitchen. Danny, who you will always see in the dining room welcoming old friends and new faces, takes the time to get to know you and remember your name.  He has brought a special touch to a place that has so much history and special memories.  Danny, along with his experienced chefs and professional servers, strives to make sure your dining experience is the best that you can have. And the welcoming, fully stocked bar, with it's friendly staff, make you feel like you belong.  On weekends, the bar area offers live entertainment, which you can enjoy with one of our speciality drinks.


When Mike Libretti opened Libretti's back in 1950, it was a small, but very popular place.  Over the course of 60 years and only four owners, Libretti's has expanded and only improved, especially under owner, Danny Lazzara.  Now Libretti's boasts elegant dining rooms and two spacious banquet rooms, that he proudly named after his two beautiful daughters, Siena and Alysa. 


Danny started with humble beginnings back when he worked for his father as a bus boy in New York, where his family has been in the restaurant business almost 50 years.  Danny has used his talents and experience to create his own version of Libretti's without changing the history.  After attending the New York Restaurant Culinary School and, honing his skills at Cascabel, where he worked with the famous New York Chef Tom Valenti, he decided he wanted to venture out on his own, alas Libretti's Resturant.  The two went together like a hand in glove.  Danny and his staff have made Libretti's a second home to many customers.  


Whether it is a meal in one of our intimate dining rooms, an event in one of our elegant banquet rooms, or drinks at our fully stocked bar,  Libretti's is the place to be.





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