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Banquet Space

Libretti's features two beautiful rooms perfect for your next special occasion, whether it's a holiday party, corporate event, or business meeting. These versatile spaces can accommodate various setups, ensuring your event is both stylish and functional and serve from 50 - 150 people. With flexible seating arrangements and a dedicated team to help with your planning, you can be sure your guests will enjoy a memorable experience.

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Sit Down Package 

This option provides a formal dining experience, ideal for corporate events or special occasions where you want to create an intimate atmosphere. Guests are seated at tables and served a multi-course meal with choices from our menu. This package includes dedicated waitstaff, ensuring attentive service and a seamless dining experience.


Buffet Package

For a more relaxed and flexible event, the buffet package is perfect. Guests can move around and serve themselves from a diverse selection of dishes, allowing them to try a variety of options at their own pace. This setup is great for holiday parties or large gatherings where mingling is encouraged.


Semi-Private Package

If you're planning an event with 20-40 people and desire an intimate yet flexible setting, consider our semi-private event option. This arrangement allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds: a more exclusive space for your gathering while still having access to the lively atmosphere of our restaurant.

Choose between our Sit-Down Package or Buffet Package, both offering customizable menus and dedicated service. 

The semi-private event option is ideal for smaller corporate functions, business meetings, or special occasions. It combines a touch of exclusivity with the energy of our main dining area, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for your guests.


Get in Touch

Please reach out to our restaurant manager via the Contact Us form for more information on all of our Banquet services, food + beverage options, and pricing.

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